Aag – aego Aandhi to be Released Today


Made under the banner of D.G.Movie Entertainment, producer Deepak Jain’s film “Aag – aego Aandhi” is ready for release today in over 50 cinema halls in Bihar and Jharkhand. Directed by Ramashankar, the film stars Pankaj Keshri, Ritika Sharma, Jai Yadav, Anara Gupta, Vipin Singh and Heera Yadav in lead roles. The film’s story is about four youths who fight against unemployment and bring to the fore the corruption that prevails in politics today. Music in the film is by Siddharth – Shalini, lyrics by Arvind Tiwari, Ashok Sinha and Rakesh Singh. Action is by Heera Yadav and Mahesh Upadhyay is the associate producer of the movie.

Aag – aego Aandhi to be Released Today

एह पोस्ट पऽ रउरा टिप्पणी के इंतजार बा।

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