Amma Ji Confronts Police Officer in Style


An important scene of the upcoming movie “Thok Deb” was recently shot between a police officer played by “Sujit” and Amma ji played by “Neelima Singh“. It is one of the important scene of the film where Neelima Singh is playing the role of “Amma ji” who is the villain of the movie.

Directed by Ajay Kumar, the film has a big setup and the production of the film is in progress. The film is being made under the banner of Yash & Raj Entertainment and Madhu Singh. The lead starcast of the film is Pawan Singh, Akshara Singh, Sujit, Divya, Neelima Singh ,Bipin Singh, Gopal Rai and Brijesh Tripathi.

Amma Ji Confronts Police Officer in Style

एह पोस्ट पऽ रउरा टिप्पणी के इंतजार बा।

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