GAA First Look Release

The first look of Hindi movie “GAA” which is to be presented by Myna’s Prodution Pvt. Ltd., was released at Raheja Classic Club, Andheri(w) on 28th August. This film is being produced by Halchal Singh, directed by Badrinath Sabat, Music by Rakesh Nirala. E.P. of the film is Kanhaiya Kushwaha & Dr. Kuldeep Singh and Production Controller is Shadab Siddiqui.

GAA is a unique word and it’s full form is “Gandhi ki Azaadi Ab”. This movie will show, what is real meaning of freedom. This movie will explore the corruption, scams and weaknesses of present politics and government.
The first look of the movie was released by the well known writer Sagar Sarhadi and singer Udit Narayan. On the occasion, there were many celebrities present, like Jaidev Ahlavat, Sunil Pal, Surendra Pal, music director Dilip Sen.
There were about 200 people present there from media and film industry and they all started crying, when they watched presentation of the movie.

GAA First Look Release


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