Gunjan Pant The Bhojpuri Queen


Gunjan Pant The Bhojpuri Queen

Gunjan Pant, the name that makes Bhojpuri hearts flutter can soon be seen in a new show to be aired on Anjan TV. Gunjan has been signed to host the show “Bhojpuri Queen” in which bhojpuri film songs will be showed while she has a mischievous interaction with her audience.

When asked what made her change her image of a traditional and homely daughter–in-law into a glamorous one, this is what she had to say,” Yes, I was expecting my fans to be surprised with my new image. Viewers will get an insight into my new fun and naughty side. I really liked the title of the show and this is one of the reasons why I agreed to do it. Also, being an actor it is important that I do new roles and play different characters. And in this show I get to have some fun, mischief and love with my viewers. I have been receiving a lot of calls from my fans in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar since the time I have signed this show.”

After having played different characters in movies like “Laxman Rekha” and “Kotha” Gunjan Pant is making waves with this show on Anjan TV. With this show Gunjan has become even more popular with her fans and we can only congratulate her for this show being a hit with full of entertainment.

एह पोस्ट पऽ रउरा टिप्पणी के इंतजार बा।

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