Munna is now “Herouha No.1”

The fans of Nirahua no doubt have enjoyed and swooned to his singing and dancing, but, now it is time to make way for the new “Herouha”. Yes, Munnalal is hoping to create the same magic that with his “Herouha No.1” that Nirahua did.

Made under the banner of S.K.Rai Films, “Herouha No.1” stars Munnalal Yadav in the lead role. Ramesh Rai is the producer here and the film is directed by Amrit Abhishek. Music in the movie is by Praveen Soni and Ram Pravesh Thakur. Lyrics have been written by Mahalal.

Amrit Abhishek and Rakesh have written the script of the movie and the choreography is by Naveen Singh and Pritam. Jeevan Rai is the action director of “Herouha No.1” and RamPravesh Yadav is the production controller. Shooting for the film has been completed and it is now in the editing stage.

The main stars of “Herouha No.1” are Munnalal Yadav aka “Herouha”, Charu Sharma, Saheb Raza, Neha Gupta, Ashok Mahi, Vishal Lal Yadav and Anand Kishore “Ustad”.
Munna is now “Herouha No.1”


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