Pakhi Hegde’s “Nari Paap Nivarni” Shot at Taj Mahal

It is said that history repeats itself and love becomes memories that stays around forever. And the monument of love Taj Mahal is one such example of love for people all around the world.

The producer of the film “Nari Paap Nivarni” Devendra Singh Yadav has etched his name in history by shooting for the film in the many beautiful locales of Agra for 22 days. Made under the banner of Devendra Singh Yadavs Kriti Entertainment “Nari Paap Nivarni” is being directed by Dinkar Kapoor. The film stars Pakhi Hegde, Rajeev Singh Dinkar, Dinesh Deva, Somana Gupta, Yasmin and Amrita. Lyrics in the film is by Kavi Pyarelal, Pankaj Nirala, Roshan Ajnabi and Pawan Sanghani. Production is handled by Balal Guru and Kumari Priya and the PRO of the film is Akhilesh Raj.

Pakhi Hegde’s “Nari Paap Nivarni” Shot at Taj Mahal


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