Pratighat – Releasing in Bihar on 19 July


Neeraj Yadav (Ahira) and Rachna Motion Pictures presentation “Pratighat” is due to release in Bihar on 19 July. The film has been made by Anubhav Motion Pictures and direction in the film is by Anand Ghatraj. The film’s story has been written by Neeraj Yadav and screenplay-dialogues have been penned by Manoj Pandey. Music and lyrics in the film is by S. Kumar while cinematography has been done by Narendra Patel. Anjani Tiwari has done the art in the film and editing has been handled by Govind Dubey. Neelabh Tiwari is the films line producer. The lead star cast of the film includes – Shubham Tiwari, Akshara Singh, Rakesh Tripathi, Vipin Singh, Nilima Singh, Mona Roy, Subodh Seth, Shabnam, Prafull Preet, Ravi Shekhar Sinha and newcomer Neeraj Yadav (Ahira). Haider Kazmi will be seen in a guest role in the movie.
Pratighat – Releasing in Bihar on 19 July

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