The Power of Twenty for Sanjay Pandey


Sanjay Pandey is no doubt the most successful actor doing negative roles in Bhojpuri cinema. And this leading villain of Bhojpuri cinema has no less than 20 films lined up for release in the next few months. All his upcoming movies are either in the completion stage of shooting or ready for release.

This month Sanjay Pandey has three of his films ready for release, “Prem Deewani”, “Sapoot” and “Kotha”. Currently the star villain is dubbing for his film “Kasam Vardi Ke” which was shot in Motihari. His other films “Dildaar Sanwariyaa”, “Rang De Pyar Ke Rang Mein”, “Bihari Rickshawala”, “Des Pardes”, “Rihaee”, “Sainyaan Arab Gaile Na”, “Yadav Pan Bhandaar”, “Majnu Motorwala” and “Viraj Tadipaar” are ready for release.

Apart from the impending releases above, Sanjay Pandey has recently signed more films like, “Ghus Ke Marab”, “Narkatiya Ganj”, “Rajaji I Love You”, “Khoon Ke Badla Khoon” and “Karza Mati Ke”.

The Power of Twenty for Sanjay Pandey

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