Yash and Anjana Singh Become Cinema Hall’s Booking Clerk for a Day

Rising superstar of Bhojpuri cinema Yash Kumar and the sexy hot cake of the industry Anjana Singh were in for a shock when during the promotion of their film “Dildaar Sanwariyaan” their fans put forth their demand to them. What happened was both the stars Anjana Singh and Yash Kumar were in Muzaffar recently with the films promoter Uday Bhagat. They had gone there for the promotion of their film “Dildaar Sanwariyaan”.

Two cinema halls in Muzaffarpur, Shahakuntala and Shekhar are showing “Dildaar Sanwariyaan” and there was a huge turnout of fans when they heard of the two stars arrival there. The fans who had gathered there were entertained fully by Anjana and Yash and they even danced for them. The show of the film was about to begin and the fans who were waiting outside to buy tickets for the film demanded that the stars of the film Yash and Anjana should hand them the tickets with their own hand. Yash and Anjana fulfilled this wish of their fans and handed out tickets to their fans for almost half an hour and only when the show was housefull that they left the ticket counter. While Anjana was handing out tickets to the fans, Yash was playiang the role of the cashier.

It is noteable that “Dildaar Sanwariyaan” that released on 14 June has been much appreciated by the fans and the opening collection of the film also has been very good. The film has been produced by Alok Kumar who has produced nine hit films prior to this. Alok Kumar has always distributed his films himself and this was for the first time that he distributed a film produced by some other producer.

Made under the banner of Tanvi Multimedia, “Dildaar Sanwariyaan” has been produced by Deepak Shah and directed by Vishal Verma. Yash Kumar and Anjana Singh are the lead stars of the film and have been supported by other actors like Sanjay Pandey, Alok Yadav, Som Bhushan, Manvendra Tripathi, Zafar Khan, Neelima Singh, Soniya Mishra, Ritu Singh, Dharmendra , Umakant, Jackie and Sanjay Verma.

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Yash and Anjana Singh Become Cinema Hall’s Booking Clerk for a Day


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