Aamir Khan – An Exclusive Entry in The Admirer’s List of Manoj Tiwary

Aamir Khan With Manoj Tiwari
Aamir Khan With Manoj Tiwari "Mridul"

Manoj Tiwary’s popularity and down to earth behavior has impressed everyone. Aamir Khan also very much aware of the popularity of Manoj Tiwary when approached by a media channel for interview agreed on a condition that Manoj Tiwary would be taking his interview. So the regarding channel approached Tiwary and requested him to accept the condition of Aamir.

Manoj Tiwary agreed on a condition that Aamir will have to reply every question of his. At last interview was scheduled and Manoj impressed Aamir with his questions.

Few of the questions were in Bhojpuri too. Aamir was amazed by the kind of information Manoj had about him. This interview will be aired soon on Big Magic TV’s National Regional channel.


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