“Dildaar Sanwariya” in Theatres from 14th June

Dildaar Sanwariya releasing on 14th june
Dildaar Sanwariya releasing on 14th june

“Dildaar Sanwariya” in Theatres from 14th June

Popluar with her fans as the hot cake of Bhojpuri cinema, Anjana Singh is paired with newcomer Yash Kumar in the soon to release film, “Dildaar Sanwariya“. With the record of acting in 28 films in two years to her credit, Anjana Singh is set to make waves with her latest release. For newcomer Yash Kumar, however, this is his first film.

Produced by Deepak Shah under the banner of Tanvi Multimedia “Dildaar Sanwariya” is set to release on 14th June, 2013 in Bihar and Jharkhand. Vishal Verma has directed the film with Anjana and Yash paired as its romantic lead. Script of the film has been written by S.K.Chauhan. South India’s famous action director, master Venkat was roped in to direct the action sequences of the movie while another South Indian talent, C.Jagan handled the camera.

Supporting the lead cast of Anjana and Yash in “Dildaar Sanwariya” are actors like, Sanjay Pandey in a negative role, Alok Yadav, Shom Bhushan, Manvendra Tripathi, Zafar Khan, Neelima Singh, Sonia Mishra, Ritu Singh, Dharmendra, Umakant, Jackie and Sanjay Verma. Shilpi Shukla and Mallika Shah can be seen performing in the films item song.

Newcomer Yash Kumar has been working hard for the release of his first film and has been seen with co-star Anjana Singh in different parts of Bihar for the films promotion. Anjana Singh is full of praise for her co-star Yash and says that it is hard to believe that this is his first film. That is how good he is in the movie.

Yash Kumar had been taking acting and dancing classes before his debut, He says that when he felt ready for the big screen he signed his first film. Producer of “Dildaar Sanwariya” Deepak Shah is so impressed with Yash that he has roped in the newcomer for two more of his forthcoming films. Yash will be next seen in his upcoming movie “Rajaji I Love you“. Directed by Vinay Bihari, the film is near its completion.

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