Hum Dil Jeetna Jante Hain – Smriti Sinha


Smriti Sinha who hails from Bhagalpur in Bihar came to Mumbai with big dreams and now her career has found a new direction. She is now among the most successful actresses of the Bhojpuri film industry. Here is a excerpt from stars interview-

You have now had hit films in a row. How do you feel about it?

I feel very good to have reached this stage in my career. Every actor wants to be appreciated for their work. And this success is not because of my effort alone but there are other people also who have contributed to my success. Like our entire team, love of my fans and God’s blessings. I only pray to God that he continues to shower his blessings on our team.

In all your hit films you have had Kheshari Lal Yadav as your hero. What is the funda behind this?

Yes, all my films with Kheshari Lal has been a hit. I don’t know the funda behind this but it could be my chemistry with Kheshari Lal or the love of our fans. I have some more films coming up with Kheshari Lal.

You are often seen playing similar characters in all your films. Don’t you want to do something different?

Look, about this I would only like to say that I am an artist. I will have to do the roles that I am offered. And as far as doing something different is concerned then yes I want to do something entirely different. But right now my fans are appreciating the roles I am doing. So, even if I want I cannot do something different. In future if I am offered something different I will definitely do it. But for now you will see me in the same image.

Actresses in films are limited to only dance moves and romantic scenes!

I will only say that everyone in films have their own importance. If you find actors fighting the villains in films and romancing the heroine then the heroines have their own style in which they romance the hero and dance to win over their fans. Everyone have their role cut out movies and in my view it is not fair to say that heroines are only limited to song and dance or romantic scenes. We are presented in films just the way our fans want to see us and we have won ours fans hearts by doing romantic scenes and by songs and dance.

Any special role you want to do?

As far as doing special roles is concerned then there are many special roles that I have done in my career which have been considered challenging roles. In my future too I want to do such challenging roles. For an artist it is not the character that is important. What is important is the acting and the capability to bring those characters to life on screen.

What is your plan for future?

Right now I do not have time to think beyond my present. So where is the time to think about future? There is lot of work load right now. Every day I am shooting somewhere or the other. It is important for me now to work and enhance my present and my future will automatically become beautiful.


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