I Feel Encouraged by the Love of my Fans – Akshara Singh

akshra singh

Having proved herself as a successful actress based on her acting and dancing skills, Akshara Singh has also established herself as star on the small screen. Having acting talent in her genes, we had a elaborate discussion with star. Here is an excerpt:

How did you begin your film career?

From the time I remember, I have seen my parents acting but I never wanted to become an actress. I was, however, interested in dancing since my childhood. I would get recognised in my school as a dancer. In 2010, all of a sudden I got an offer from director Babloo Soni to act in his film “Satyamev Jayate”. I was not able to make any decision on this, but somewhere down in my heart I was excited about the opportunity to act opposite a big star like Ravi Kishan. I consulted my parents and said yes for the film. After I agreed for the film, I was introduced to Ravi Kishan and after his approval I got the opportunity to act with him.

What did you learn about acting from your first film?

The world of acting is something which can never be complete, or you can never be satisfied with. Actor is always motivated by acting. From the start I worked in big movies with big stars. I got money from the producers, talent from the directors and love and affection of my co-stars. All in all it was a learning experience for me all the way.

Currently you are doing films with all the Bhojpuri stars, what do you get to learn from these superstars?

Every moment we get to learn something from the society, people, surroundings and situations. I began my acting career only after learning the various aspects of film making. I did drama; diploma in Kathak, western or modern dance, learnt singing, make-up and costumes, driving, swimming, I mean, I prepared myself completely before beginning my film career. Every individual has his or her own style, so do our stars who are expert in their own way. I tried to build a rapport with their style and started acting, be it Ravi Kishanji, Dinesh Lal Yadav Ji, Pawan Singh Ji or Kheshari Lal Ji.

What has been your experience on the small screen?

It has been very good. I am happy that mu show “Jila Top” has been liked by the viewers in Bihar and U.P. I receive congratulatory calls every day. I have also received many offers after doing this show. TV is one source which helps to reach out to viewers in their homes. This helps in films and I like it when my fans call me with my shows name. I would like to thanks Mahua TV and Sai Baba Telefilms for choosing me for this show.

Your film “Pratighat” is ready for release. What would you like to say to your fans?

“Pratighat” is a film about women empowerment. The film has been made by a talented team including director Anand Gahatraj and producer Neeraj Yadav. It is a tremendous story which has bene written by Manoj Pandey Ji. Viewers please watch this film and bless me and my team.

You have many upcoming releases. Please tell us something about it?

My upcoming releases are, with Kheshari Lal Yadav “Balma Biharwala”, “Thok Deb” with Pawan Singh, “Pyar Jhukta Nahin”, “Praigya 2” among others. I am happy that in all my films my role is completely different. In all my films, viewers are certain to like my character. Moreover, the viewers in Bihar know me as Bihar’s daughter and whenever I go there I get immense love from my fans. I will never forget this love that they give me as this is what my encouragement is.

What message would you like to give to the fans?

“Mera wajood tumse hai, man bhi tum, jaan bhi tum, tumse hai aukad, hazaaron baton mein kehna hai ek baat, tere dum se hi dum hai, na chodna mera saath.” Watch my films and continue to give me your love and affection. I will always to try to entertain you with good and new roles.


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