Jila Top – The Highest TRP Generating Show on Mahua TV

Akshra singh
Akshra singh

To talk about the most entertaining programme on Mahua TV, it is “Jila Top”. It is a singing based show which is being anchored by the suoerstar actress of Bhojpuri, Akshara Singh. In the list of the stars superhit is now this popular show “Jila Top” which adds up to her other superhit appearances in films like, “Ek Bihari Sab pe Bhari”, “Bajrang” and “Dilaer”. Akshara Singh’s upcoming movie releases are – “Yeh Balma Biharwala” andc“Thok Deb”. Akshara will also be seen in a negative role in her upcoming film “Dharti Ke Lal”. This film has superstar Pawan Singh as the lead opposite Akshara Singh and has been directed by Kumar Vakil.


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