Laagi Lagan Bholenath Ki


Laagi Lagan Bholenath Ki

Story of the film starts at a small village at Muzaffarpur (Bihar), where Manasi lives with his husband (Jeet), who works in Army. It is a joint family, with other family members staying at home.

Manasi has to face the rough behavior of her nanad (Rajwanti), as she has no child even after 5-6 years of the marriage. Once she was denied entry at the marriage function of her brother-in-law. As other villagers also seem to be against her, she decides to goto Baidyanath Dham (Deoghar) to pray Lord Shiva.

She loses her husband on the way to Deoghar, while taking bath in Ganga. Then, she goes to Deoghar, and prays lord Shiva by “Tandav Dance”. At the end of the dance, she tries to commit suicide by using Trishul (trident), but suddenly Jeet comes there to save her. Then, he tells the story of how he was saved by a Shadhu… suddenly the Shadhu appears, and converts to Lord Shiva, and then disappears. By the grace of lord Shiva, Rajwanti’s heart changes, and Manasi gets son as well. At the end, all of them return back to Deoghar to offer their prayers.

Starring: Manis Churvedi,Sarika Sangmitra,Poonam Tiwari,Om Prakash Gupta,Nishi Shalini, Santosh Kumar Shah, Manis Kumar

Director: Navin Kumar , Satish Kumar. Upender K Singh

Producers: Upender K Singh

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