Mati Ke Saugandh


Mati Ke Saugandh

Bad times do not have any phase…it appears different to 2 different people…in different ways. Similar to which is a Story trapped in society’s morals and the name of it is “Maati ki Saugand” who attracts the society towards right path. Thakur Ajit Singh is village’s Landlord, who has a grip over the entire village, thakur’s kids Ajay and Kamla return back to the village after seeking education from the city, villagers have a hope from yo…

Starring: Vinay Anand, Poonam Saaga, Dharmesh Kumar, Seema Pandey Samarth Chaturvedi Nirmal Pandey

Director: A.T.Pipare

Producers: A.T.Pipare

Writers: Anthony Dias

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