Naag Naagin Bhojpuri Movie

On the day of mahashivratri vaishali (kashmira shah) and Vaibhav (Krishna Abhishek) meet in the shivji’s temple where during the rituals they see each other and fall in love . They fall so much for each other that they cannot live without each other. Seeing this their family members willingly and happily fix their marriage where in the mandap when Vaihav applies sindoor in vaishali’s head den the snake charmer (vrujesh tripathi) reaches there and challenges that vaishali is a snake charmer but nobody believes him then nageshwar turns vaishali into a snake by playing his flute and black magic.

Will vaishali get married to vaibhav?will vaibhav accept a snake as his wife?will vaishali escape from nageshwars web? after knowing vaishalis truth what happens to his father?to get back the love by fighting with his world will help vaibav? To find all the answers watch the comedy and melodious Naag Naagin Bhojpuri Movie

Naag Naagin Bhojpuri Movie starcast

Starring: Krishna Abhishek, Kashmira Shah, Mohit Ghai, Sikander, Brijesh Tripathi, and Upasna Singh

Director: Rajkumar, R.Pandey

Producers: Dharamdas, M Ramani

Writers: Rajkumar, R.Pandey


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