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Ravi Kishan Interview
Ravi Kishan Interview

Greetings to all of you from your own Ravi Kishan.

I was on a two day visit to Patna and have returned to Mumbai only today. As I am the brand ambassador “Griha Vatika” which is one of the leading real estate companies of Bihar, I had to attend the bhumi pujan of one of their upcoming projects. Popular folk singer Malini Awasthi was also there with me and we were part of a show that was organised on this occasion.

Though I was there performing, my mind was a little disturbed and this was because of the disastrous tragedy that into its grip, whether they were young or old. Thousands of pilgrims from all around the world visit this holy place every year, but today it was transformed into a graveyard. All around you could see dead human bodies lying projecting a live account of the calamity that had been witnessed there a few hours back. The count of dead has been estimated to 100 but do n ot be surprised if it rises up to more than thousand as there are many people stranded there up in the hills of the Char Dham.

This tragedy that has been witnessed today is being called a natural calamity, but, is it really a natural calamity. Are we not to be blamed for it? The harm that has been done by the unplanned development in Uttarakhand is more serious than the harm caused by nature. The tragedy that has been witnessed in Uttarakhand today is solely man made who has destroyed the balance of nature in the state. It is true that rainfall was more than normal there this time around, but whatever has happened is not because of only rain. The reason for this tragedy to occur is the harm that man has been causing to the hills since many decades. If you play with nature than you must also be ready to face the ire that natures brings upon you.

In the recent past there has been unwanted construction going on in the region. As a result of this construction, not only the rivers Bhagirathi and Alakananda have become dangerous but even the small rivers and drains have been transformed in to dangerous entities. The roads are being widened there because of which the hills are being cut and the rubble of it is disposed of into the river Bhagirathi. All along the river front people have built houses and hotels. They have themselves crossed the rivers perimeter and so it should be no surprise that the rivers have started to flow abnormally. Crossing into the periphery of the river is bound to result in the tragedy that has taken place. If we have caused harm to the natures balance than we must face the brunt of it. Even the government chose to ignore the danger that was looming large in the region. This was not the first time that rain had caused havoc in the region, it had happened earlier too. The river Alaknanda and Bhagirathi has not overflown abnormally for the first time, it has happened in the past as well. But such a disaster never took place. It is the law of nature, if you play with nature than nature will play the orgy of death there. It is time that we humans start thinking, if the path we are treading is that of development or disaster.


Ravi Kishan

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