“Prem Deewani”- A Clean Family Entertainment

Prem Deewani Bhojpuri Film-poster
Prem Deewani Bhojpuri Film poster

Release of “Prem Deewani” marks the entry of another singer turned actor Rakesh Mishra in the Bhojpuri Film Industry. Having established himself as a popular folk singer in Bhojpuri, Rakesh Mishra has made a impressive debut on the silver screen as an actor.

Prem Deewani” is a romantic movie which is intertwined with the story of five powerful brothers and helpless a sister showcasing the women resolve. The movie showcases a strong belief in tradition and customs. Though the story lacks maturity it does not hamper the entertainment factor of the film.

Most part of “Prem Deewani” has been shot at Ramoji Rao Filmcity in Hyderabad which makes the film even more captivating. As an actor Rakesh Mishra is impressive. Smriti Sinha has played the role of helpless beloved of the hero in this family entertainment effortlessly. Second heroine in the film, Rani Chatterjee has played the role of safeguarding her unrequited love with aplomb.

Comic actor Anand Mohan Pandey’s role in the film is like what he has done in movies in the past and his singing too is just good enough. Actor Avdhesh Mishra has made quite an impact with his acting though he has got no dialogues in the movie. Sanjay Pandey in the negative role is good and Prakash Jais has done well as the hero’s friend.

Bihar Sharif in terms of location plays an important role in the movie as the producer of the film is local MLA Dr. Sunil Kumar. Dinesh Yadav has directed the movie. Special appearance in the film has been made by Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua and Pravesh Lal Yadav who have featured in the qawwali sung by Arif which is also the best song in the movie. Overall, “Prem Deewani” is full of entertainment and a clean and family oriented movie.
“Prem Deewani”- A Clean Family Entertainment.

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