S.S. Film Factory Comes Forward to Promote Bhojpuri Cinema

s s factory
s s factory

Bhojpuri cinema is experiencing its golden era now and to add more strength to this journey, “S.S. Film Factory” has come forward with its support. Rukhsar Shaikh of “S.S. Film Factory” said that right now Bhojpuri cinema is going through a golden period but there are many filmmakers who do not get any financial support in their film making. Because of such financial constraints there are many films which do not see the light of the day. These filmmakers do not get a support of even rupees ten or five lakhs for their films. This is why “S.S. Film Factory” has come forward to reach out to and support these budding filmmakers financially. The company is also getting into film production.

For anyone who would like to seek support from “S.S. Film Factory” financially can reach out to them through their email: [email protected] or mobile number 773877776 / 7738577776.
“S.S. Film Factory” Comes Forward to Promote Bhojpuri Cinema


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