Vinay Anand Turns Reel Life to Real on the Streets of Patna

bihari riksawala
bihari riksawala

What made the evergreen Bhojpuri superstar, the nephew of Hindi Superstar Govinda, Vinay Anand to leave acting and ride a rickshaw on the streets of Patna? Vinay Anand has acted in many Bhojpuri and Hindi films till now and has been loved and appreciated by his fans. And after all this sucees he is seen riding a rickshaw on the streets then what will the public think? Well, there is nothing to think about here as the stars soon to be released film is “Bihari Rickshawala”. During the films shooting Vinay Anand had to ride the rickshaw the whole day. Director of the film would make the star pull the rickshaw the whole day du e to which the actor also reduced five kg weight. After this experience Vinay Anand said that it is not easy to pull a rickshaw and needs lot of hardwork. If people want to lose weight then they should pull the rickshaw for two hours every day, the actor said laughing. Hot cake of Bhojpuri cinema is playing the romantic lead opposite Vinay Anand in the film. The film is due for release in Bihar next month.


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