Virat Bhatt Starrer “Maidan-E-Jung” Ready for Release

Viraj Bhatt in
Viraj Bhatt in "Tu Hi To Meri Jaan Hai Radha"

Film “Maidan-E-Jung” starring the action star of Bhojpuri cinema Virat Bhatt is ready for release. The films story is that of a brave and honest police officer who fights against the rowdies and the corrupt police officers. “Maidan-E-Jung” which is a complete action film stars Virat Bhatt, Priya Sharma, Deepak Bhatia, Heera Yadav, Krishna Pandey, Priya Kapoor, V.K.Gupta, Rajesh, Bablu Yadav, Om Prakash, Jyoti, Jitendra Singh and Pallavi Singh making a guest appearance. Story and screenplay of the film is by Ravi Gupta, dialogues by Mithilesh Avinash, music by Gunwant Sen and lyrics have been written by Vinay Bihari, Ashok Sinha and Sagar Pardesi. Action in the movie has been directed by Heeralal Yadav and choreography is by Santosh Kumar and Ricky Gupta. Cameran for the movie is Jagminder Handal. Viraj Bhatt is currently concentrating on the shooting of his upcoming films “Ee Kaisan Pratha”, Viraj Tadipaar, “Kasam Vardi Ke” and “Tu Hi Meri Jaan Hai Radha”. The producer – dirtector of “Tu Hi Meri Jaan Hai Radha” is Ramakant Prasad who has worked with Viraj in ten films and they all have been super duper hits.

Virat Bhatt Starrer “Maidan-E-Jung” Ready for Release


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