Bhojpuri actor Khesari lal yadav well know face in “Bhojpuri Film Industry”. He started his career as singer, in his early stage use to sell litti chokha. Khesari’s real name is Satrughan parsad. He was born in a small village in Bihar, wirti tola, chhapra.

In early life, he was found doing female cast acting in several stage shows. But after making entry in the Bhojpuri industry, he has sung many hits song like ‘Lalten’, ‘Jawani Jodidar Khojta’, ‘Pee Kay Karela’, and ‘Principle Kada Bade Ho’ from movie Teri Kasam. He started his career with bhojpuri album “saiya arab gaele ho”

He becomes the very popular singer and actor in very short time of his career

List of his popular films:

Sajan Chale SasuralSajanBhojpuri
Jaan tere naamAmarBhojpuri
Nageenlead roleBhojpuri
Dil Le Gayi Odhaniya Walilead roleBhojpuri
Lahoo Ke Do Ranglead roleBhojpuri
Hawa Me Udta Jaye Mera Laal Dupatta Malmal Kalead roleBhojpuri
Sapootlead roleBhojpuri
Devra Pe Manwa Dolelead roleBhojpuri
Doodh Ka Karzlead roleBhojpuri
Sansarlead roleBhojpuri
Tere Kasamlead roleBhojpuri
A Balma Bihar Walalead roleBhojpuri
Pyar Jhukta Nahinlead roleBhojpuri
Jaan Tere NaamAmarBhojpuri
DilLe Gayi Odhaniya WaliKhesariBhojpuri
Pratigya 2khesariBhojpuri
Chapra ExpressSurajBhojpuri
Khoon Bhari Manglead roleBhojpuri
Charno ko saughandhlead roleBhojpuri
Sola aur sabnamlead roleBhojpuri
Jo jita wahi sikandarlead rolebhojpuri
Janemanlead roleBhojpuri
Hathkadilead roleBhojpuri
Hero no.1lead roleBhojpuri
Bandhanlead roleBhojpuri

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