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Munna Bajrangi

The story of the film moves around two friends in a village, where Bajarangi (Vikrant Singh) follows the path of violence and revenge against the villains who have destroyed his family and vitiated the social atmosphere. His friend Munna (Sushil Singh) helps him in all such issues.
Usually the Bhojpuri filmmakers do not go beyond sticks, firearms and explosives. This is more due to shoestring budget which does not allow them to experiment with technically strong but costlier options. Cable fight is one of these techniques which have been extensively used in Munna Bajarangi

Munna Bajrangi

Starring: Sushil Singh,Vikrant,Poonam Sagar,Vijaylal Yadav

Director: Rajesh Gupta K.D.

Producers: Reena S Pasi

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