Sapoot is Releasing on June 21


Sapoot is Releasing on June 21

Well known writer and filmmaker Mahesh Pandey is coming up with the release of his new film “Sapoot” on June 21, in Bihar. Mahesh Pandey is one of those filmmakers who are known to make films which are not your regular run of the mill movies.
After having churned out hits like “Gabbar Singh“, “Hum Bal Brahmachari Tu kanya Kunwari”, and “Rani Chali Sasural” , he is now coming up with the release of his new movie “Sapoot”. Young director Mukesh Pandey is at the helm of direction here. Also, in this movie Mahesh Pandey is working for the first time with popular actor, Khesharilal Yadav.
Mahesh Pandey has made this movie under his production house Mumbaji Arts in collaboration with well known finance company Adishakti Entertainment. The lead cast of the movie has two actors. Khesharilal Yadav and Manmohan Tiwari. Lead actor in the negative role is Sanjay Pandey, who has been a part of almost every movie that has come from the Mahesh Pandey camp. Sanjay Pandey has gone on to quote that when it comes to doing a movie from the Mahesh Pandey camp he never bothers to hear the story before saying yes for the movie.
Music of the movie is being released on Wave, a popular music company which has released many popular musical hits in the past. The leading cast of “Sapoot” are – Khesharilal Yadav, Manoj Verma, Kajal Singh, Brijesh Tripathi, Umesh Singh, Manoj Tiger, Sanjay Pandey with newcomers Manoj Tiwari and Khusboo. Script of the movie has been written by Santosh Mishra and the co-producer is Neeraj Sachdeva. Lyrics is by Vinay Tiwari and music has been composed by Durga Natraj and Rajesh Gupta.

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