Actress Vaishnavi Receives Honour for Her Effort

Actress Vaishnavi
Actress Vaishnavi

Upcoming Bhojpuri actress Vaishnavi had left no stone unturned by visiting centres in her effort to get the stutue of legendary Bhikhari Thakur erected in Patna. And finally, her efforts have been awarded in a meeting where it was decided that The great Bhikhari Thakurs statue will be erected in the state capital very soon.

The actress was lauded for her efforts and was also honoured at a recently held event for celebrating Bhikahri Thakurs birth anniversary.

This young actress was born in Bihar to her parents Mr. Krishna Kumar Vaishnavi and Mrs. Nutan Gupta. In her acting her career she has received the “Bharat Jyoti National Award (2009)” in New Delhi and the “Glory of India International Awards (2011)” in Bangkok, Thailand.

Having starred in a comic TV series “Haste Raho Ladte Raho” the young actress has also appeared in popular music videos Mai Ke Jhula Satrangiya, Dinanath Ailan, Gaura He Bhangiya Gila Kara, Bhole Baba Ke Parsadi, Deoghar se aisle khabariya and Mazza baa Saawan Mein Bhola ke Aangan me to name a few.

In the year 2008, Vaishnavi’s first film was released “Jai Maiya Ambe Bhawani” directed by Aakash Yogi. She also starred in other films like “B.A. Pass Bahuriya” in 2009, directed by Ravi. H. Kashyap; “Main Nagin Tu Nagina (2011) directed by Rajkumar R. Pandey; “Hamar Devdass (2011) directed by Kiran Kant Verma and “Jeena Teri Gali Main (2013) directed by Rajkumar R. Pandey.

The young actress has many bollywood movies in hand. Her upcoming bhojpuri release is “Baap” which has been directed by Ravi H. Kashyap



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