Ban songs with double meaning: Ravi Kishan

ravi kishan

Superstar of Bhojpuri cinema Ravi Kishan has said that it is time to free the Bhojpuri film industry of vulgarity. Today Bhojpuri films are made showcasing the intricate relationships in family and society in a beautiful way. This genre of movie has bought back the fans to the cinema halls. Ravi Kishan is currently in the state capital for the promotion of his upcoming movie “Dhurandhar”. Films heroine Sangita Tiwari, Avdhesh Mishra and producer Deepak Tiwari is also in the city along with other unit members of the film. Ravi Kishan said that today there is a hoard of c grade songs and albums in the Bhojpuri film industry. Because of this fans have lost interest in Bhojpuri films but now the industry is again getting back to its golden days. He appealed to the fans to oppose and ban vulgar double meaning songs. This will lead to the end of such songs and films which are being made today. Answering a question, the superstar said that the land of Bihar is the land of artists. When asked about his latest release he said that the film is full of action, emotion, politics and social elements. The films story brings to the fore the truth behind politics as it revolves around the life an innocent student. The lead actress of the film Sangita Tiwari said that though it is true that Bhojpuri films make the way to getting a chance in Hindi films but it also has a unique sweetness of its own which cannot be compared. She said that she also has a offer for a hindi film which is due to go on floors soon.


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