Kaajal Deep’s Grand Bollywood Debut

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Kaajal Deep has made her debut in Bollywood in grand style by signing for the film “Guardians”. Earlier Kaajal had made her debut in telugu with the film “Mansa Tullipadke” opposite co-star Anurag. She also did a hindi film with co-star Gaurav Chopra called “Rangdari”. Now she has signed “Guardian” which is to be directed by Sachin Yadav co-starring actor Tanvir Zaidi. Kajal said that she is happy to work with Sachin Yadav who is not only a talented director but also a very good human being. Here is the excerpt of the interview with the star:

Q. Kaajal, please tell us more about your telugu movie “Mansa Tullipadke”. What was your role in the movie and how did you learn telugu language?

A. In “Mansa Tullipadke” I play the character of a very happy and mischievous girl. And as far as learning the language was concerned I had to work really hard for it. I translate the dialogue in hindi every night and would act in the morning. My acting in the movie was much appreciated by the fans.

Q. Any reason why after having worked in the south you ventured into bollywood?

A. It is everyone’s dream to act in hindi movies. And, along with hindi I will continue to work in south Indian movies too.

Q. What is your role in the movie “Rangdari”?

A. I play the role of a muslim girl, Shabnam, who falls in love with a terrorist played by Gaurav Chopra. And then…..

Q. It has been heard that soon you will be playing the lead role in the hindi film “Guardian”. Tell us something about it.

A. Yes, it is true. I am playing the heroines role in the film “Guardian” which is being directed by Sachin Yadav. Tanvir Zaidi is playing the hero in the movie and it has been produced by V.P. Singh. The films post-prodcution is in progress right now.

Q. How did you get this film?

A. I had auditioned for the movie and got selected from a pool of 50 girls. I am grateful to Sachin Yadavji who recognised my talent and signed me for the film.

Q. How did you feel working with Mr. Sachin Yadav?

A. I really liked a lot working with Sachin ji. He is a very talented director. I never felt that Sachin ji is a director as he understands the intricacies of acting so well. He teaches you a lot about acting and I have learnt so much with him that now I feel I am ready for acting. I would always like to work with him.

Q. What are your plans for future?

A. I have signed two films which are due to go on the floor in October.

Thank you for talking to us.

Thank you.


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