Yeh Metro Zindagi– Creating Waves in Mumbai

yei metro jindgi

It is the fifth week running in Mumbai for the latest blockbuster – “Yeh Metro Zindagi”. The film has been produced by Kishori Company and directed by Dr. Ejaj Kazi. Saurabh Singh is the assistant director of the film. Music in the movie is by D. Sushant. “Yeh Metro Zindagi” is a film full of action and glamour. The films story is about two friends from a slum. These two friends do not have any family and are family to each other and consider each other as brothers. The slum that they live in lies in the heart of the city and is surrounded by high rise buildings. There is a open field in this slum that has a Gandhi statue. Both the friends were raised by a Marwari businessman from the same slum and they considered him as their father. This Marwari business worships Gandhiji and also celebrates Gandhi Jayanti every year on 2nd October. And this event that the Marwari business,an oraginses every year is attaneded by the local city counseller Ranjan Lambat. He wants to take over this property. He bribes one of the two friends Gazi, in his quest to occupy the slum. Gazi believes in making quick money while the other friend Tiger is a honest person who loves his fellow slum dwellers. Gazi betrays his friend and joins Ranjan Lambat. And then, what Lambat plans to do? How Tiger reacts and what he does? You need to watch the film to know. The leadactors in the film are – Neelu Thakur, Asma Shaikh, Meghna Sharma, Subrat Mukherjee, Aditya Negi, Amit Singh, Mahesh Patel, Babloo Yadav, Gajgi and Naaz Khan. The film was released in Mumbai by Fastrack Entertainment. Shubh Laxmi Film International is releasing the film in Bihar and Jharkhand. In Mumbai the film was released in May at Silver, Grant Road, Moti Goldeval, Bhagat Hanuman Vittalwadi, Sri Ambernath and Krishna Talkies.


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